Is it Too Soon?

KnifeEd Gein?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

Jeffrey Dahmer?  Probably.

The 14-year old boy who was brutally killed in Whitnall Park?  Yes.

You won’t be surprised to discover that, in the course of researching Haunt Spots, I run across a lot of murders.  Sometimes, it’s a fit of passion that ended tragically.  Sometimes, it’s more extreme — as illustrated by these first two names.

If the crime occurred long ago, the energy of the area may have become tolerable and the crime has passed into folklore.  There’s no magic number of years, though.  The boy mentioned earlier was killed in 1974, but there will need to be many more years before his story could be considered for a Haunt Spot.  The energy is too painful.  His story is too heart-breaking.

There are still plenty of bullys to encounter.  On the “A No Safe Haven Caper” tour, Explorers go through a mini-cleansing before leaving one Haunt Spot.  It’s for their well-being and my conscience.  No-one wants that meanie to follow you home.

Conscience does make cowards of us all, Hamlet, Act III Sc. 1.   Hey!  I’m not a coward!  My conscience is a personal gauge of right and wrong.  Far be it from me to censor anyone, but I’m responsible for the quality of your experience.  It’s my job to help Explorers have a good time.  If I think a Haunt Spot is too dark or too fresh, I’ll ask other opinions.  Thus far, the opinions have all agreed.  There are a few locations that you may never see.

They aren’t my stories, but I get to tell them.  I do so with a sense of adventure but also a sense of care.  So, no you don’t get all the haunts.  Some should be left, if not in peace, in respectful solitude.

For now.

Happy Haunts,


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  1. Got a great comment from Autumnforest via HauntJaunts…

    Very good point. You have to have a code of ethics. I have one about my clients. I don’t give out any personal information about studies in their homes. When about 5 years have passed and I want to share some of the findings, I do so without any reference to their name, occupations, location, or other details that might identify them. These things are important. Good for you!

  2. Good perspective from Corey via…

    Seeing as how Ed Gein was active in the late 50’s, I can’t see it being too soon after the crimes.
    You also have the fact that Norman Bates from Psycho, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs were loosely based on Mr Gein. I’d imagine those tidbits of information would be interesting to someone on a ghost tour. My rule of thumb? If a story occasionally pops up in the news, then it might be too soon. I don’t know if your familiar with the case of Molly Bish? A 16 year old girl who disappeared from Warren Massachusetts who’s remains were found a year or so later. From time to time, the story shows up on the local news, the anniversary of her disappearance, or just to keep the case in peoples minds. Now, I highly doubt that the people in Warren would be crazy about a tour that included Commins Pond where she was taken from, or the spot where her remains were found. Beside the fact that her parents still live in the area.

  3. It’s comforting to know that many Explorers consider some sites too intense to visit, and The fact that you do a cleansing beforehand is nice to know. I’ve seen too many “ghostie groups” take the paranormal much too lightly and put themselves (and their teams) in danger.

  4. […] is “No, It’s Not Too Soon” for One Filmmaker On December 2nd, 2009 a Haunts Blog posting asked the question, “When is it too soon to include a particularly heinous crime […]

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