New Paranormal Reality Show on… Animal Planet (?!)

Uh huh.  It’s official.  Everybody and his hairy cousin is jumping on the paranormal tv bandwagon.

The latest entry is “The Haunted” on Animal Planet.  Yes, Animal Planet.  It’s about spirit dogs, ghost cats and spectral lemurs (okay, I made that one up) and the places they haunt.  In the style vein of Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting”, this new show seems nicely done.  It’s about quality storytelling, and I hand it to Animal Planet here. The storytelling is good.

Live pets are also heavily featured as “The Haunted” explores the theory that animals are sensitive to paranormal activity. From their “About” page…

“Animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive than humans. According to psychics, they are capable of sensing spirits that cannot be seen or heard by even the sharpest minds. THE HAUNTED chronicles true, chilling and terrifying stories of animals and their owners who are experiencing the unexplainable.”

Check it out for yourself at If you watch their video clips, you have to get past their sponsor ads. But if you’re used to hulu, it’s not so bad. They’re short.

Their next episode is on December 6th at 9pm CST. Add this to the line-up and I’m never going to get out of the house. Bliss.

Happy, Hissy, Haunts,


ps. All opinions here are mine. If I could get a sponsorship from Animal Planet to flog their show, you’d hear me shouting joy from the rooftops. 😉

But, hey – I will happily mention in this post!

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  1. Great Comment from Autumnforest via HauntJaunts…

    Well, we’ve had plumber ghost hunters, we’ve had stupid taunting testosterone male ghost hunters, we’ve had college ghost hunters, we’ve had big ole boy Texan ghost hunters, we’ve had children ghost hunters, what’s left? Oh, I forgot..wasn’t there a short-lived show about exorcists? I’m still waiting for the scientist’s show about ghost hunting. I’ll be riveted to the TV. The animal show is a good concept for animal planet. We all feel our pets have senses ands abliities that we can’t imagine. I know our dogs were extremely sensitive to ghostly activity when I was a kid. I wondered why our cats weren’t, but then they could care less if you shot a gun off in the room. They just shrug and yawn. The dogs, however, really had our best interests at heart. Their duty to earn their keep was to protect us, at least that’s how they acted. They did a great job. They were often times my early warning system. A few times as a kid when they began to growl lowly and the hair stood on end on the backs, I’d back out of the room.

  2. I lived with a ghost dog. There were two other people living in the house, and we had all apparently seen it, but we had not discussed it with one another, because I think we all thought it was a hallucination. It wasn’t until a poker party at our place when two people sitting at the kitchen table looked up and asked, “When did you guys get a black lab?” that the three of us roomies responded in unison, “YOU SEE IT TOO?” That’s when we all found out the others had seen it. It never DID anything, just periodically got up from behind a chair and walked down the hall. We never saw it return to its spot behind the chair, but that is always where it started from.

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