Spirit Animals

Bear Totem art by Linda IsraelHey Baby. What’s your totem?

For a number of my friends and acquaintances, that would be the perfect pick up line.  Being of Native American descent, I’ve already found my spirit animal.  Tooling around on the interwebs, I also found this fun on-line quiz.  I was a bit skeptical, but the quiz did come up with the correct spirit animal.  Oh me of little faith.  Jeri Smith-Ready posted the quiz on her blog to draw attention to her novels, but the quiz is cool too.  Her novels might be fab also — I confess, I haven’t read them.

Speaking of faith, a spirit animal can be a mighty fine companion — especially when times are tough.  It’s like having an imaginary friend regardless of your age.  I highly recommend it.

So, if you’re up for a wee, non-peyote induced spirit quest, try this — take the quiz and find your animal.  Then go to Linn’s Domain and page down to the bottom.  Scoot past where she’s selling tarot readings and the like — unless you’re interested, then knock yourself out.  Towards the bottom of the page are links to all kinds of spirit animals.  Find yourself and click.  I really like the way they’re presented here.  Who knows, you might find something to think about.  At the very least, it’s an enjoyable distraction.

By the way, the beautiful bear totem art is by Linda Israel.  There’s a link to her website under the image.

So baby, what’s your totem?



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  1. I was equal parts Hawk and Crow. Interesting bc Crow’s often a Trickster, which is an archetype that’s kind of significant for me.

    • Thanks, Mary. I have yet to run into anyone who’s entirely surprised.

  2. Mine were equal crow/owl/hawk – I took it again, changing ONE answer (chose Call of the Wild vs Black Stallion) and it became a STRONG owl with spider being the next closest (spider was the next closest the first time as well).

    Interesting to note that all 3 share the same traits of finding the truth, no matter what the situation or the uncomfortable result.

  3. i got called a hawk… see myself as more of a wolf…

    • It nailed me as a bear. Totally my totem animal.

      • whoa… they told the hawks to beware the bears… wish i had that tough take-charge mentality though… youre actually lucky…

  4. I am a strong Otter…it fits me perfectly.

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