Kudos to the Cedarburg Public Library(ians)!

And, I quote, “Haunted local history?  That’s my favorite!  Let me bring you the files.”

I spent some glorious time in the Cedarburg, WI public library yesterday afternoon wallowing in clippings about local ghost lore.

Lesson:  Libraries are about stories.  That epitomizes Caper Company.  Haunt Spots tours are about fascinating places that share a distinct story line – ghosts.  Whether they really exist or not is almost irrelevant.  It’s about the place and the story.

All that Caper Company requires is someone’s paranormal experience with a place.  If you want to buy equipment and try to gather scientific evidence, go for it.  You can do that on a Haunt Spots tour too because you will be in those places — or at least around them.  I have had reports of strange experiences from people who’ve gone exploring with one of our tour itineraries.  Bonus!

That said, It’s much more about the ghost story than proof.  If you love a great fireside tale of spine tingling fun, you’ll love Haunt Spots.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

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