I Love Ghost Hunters. Again.

It’s Wednesday!  I love Wednesdays!  I used to anyway — before I OD’d on Ghost Hunters.

I used to even have an “It’s We-e-ee-ea-nd-nes-daaay!” song that’s I’d sing when I woke up in the morning.  Such glee.  There were going to be at least 4 hours of my favorite show on tv that night.  Sad, but true.  The Wednesday song was for a tv show.  In my defense, I rarely actually watched any of it besides the new episode, but it was the perfect background noise for working on Caper Company.

I hardly ever inhaled.

Too much of a good thing?

A couple of nights ago, I was flipping and discovered that the National Geographic channel has jumped on the paranormal reality show band wagon.  Just like it’s nearly unheard of to run across a theatre without a ghost, there are fewer tv stations out there who do not have some sort of paranormal investigation show.

Am I headed for burn out?  Are we all?

We don’t have to be.  It’s not inevitable.

Any immersive hobby can rapidly evolve from interest to obsession to lifestyle choice.  It’s delicious to be enthralled with scratching that itch.  It’s like falling in love.  Once the flush has worn off, it’s important to understand that that’s what it was.  Falling in love.

I’ve turned a corner and I like Wednesdays again.  Maybe because I’ve got tiny, wobbly legs on Caper Company and have moved past the honeymoon stage.  I don’t have to quit.  I can still love it.  In doses and with loving perspective.

What’s your obsession?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry


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  1. When you say again did you burn out at one point? I did! I haven’t even watched GH’s new season. Kind of boycotting it. But I have to say that if the show you saw advertised on NatGeo was American Paranormal, watch it! It’s EXCELLENT! (They only have 2 that I know of so far. Bigfoot and Haunted Prison. Both are blow-you-away awesome.)

    Although…I like them because they’re more scientific. I think you once wrote how you liked Celebrity Ghost Stories because they’re more story oriented. In that case you might not like American Paranormal as much…but I think you’ll still think it’s good!

    • I did burn out on it, so yeah. But, I did really (that’s where the re was supposed to go!) enjoy their ‘live’ investigation of Alcatraz. I thought that was well done.

      I ran across American Paranormal and was like “yeah, yeah, yeah, if one more person explains to me what EVP stands for, I’m going to scream.” But then I started watching it and changed my mind. Not about the EVP explanation, but I loved this show.

  2. Um the “re” isn’t supposed to be there. Hit send before I could delete it. Sheesh!

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