I hope the next town is Manitowoc. There’s some great ghost stories there.

I have a presentation to make tomorrow to the Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association. Serendipitously, the President of the association is the same lady who runs the tourism bureau in Port Washington.  I’ve been working on developing a new tour there.  Kathy’s been extremely supportive and helpful.  She sees the potential for paranormal tourism in her town, wants to welcome Haunt Spots Explorers, and thinks that the other towns along the Wisconsin coast might too.


I was less than zero when I first started digging into Port Washington, but I’m like a dog with a bone.  My instinct tells me there are good stories there and that Haunt Spots Explorers will love them.  So, I start talking to people.  If they get to know me, they realize that I’m not a nutbar and neither are people who have fun with these tours.  That may have been what happened with Kathy in Port Washington.  Now, how do I do that with these 18 towns in 15 minutes?

Maybe the answer is, I don’t.  I just look for the next one.

I hope it’s Manitowoc.  I’ve already got some great Haunt Spots for a Manitowoc tour.  Oh, oh, oh or Sheboygan!  My favorite cemetery in Wisconsin is in Sheboygan county!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

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  1. Never fear. Tourism dollars are tourism dollars, a fact of which every tourism industry is well aware, especially in this economy. It isn’t like you’re attracting undesirables to their towns. We Caper Company customers are fun, interesting people who buy gas, eat at restaurants, shop, and even stay the occasional night at a hotel on our Caper Company adventures. If few of us happen to be a bit quirky and colorful, its an added bonus! Nothing like quirky, colorful visitors to provide fodder for the local gossip gristmill.

  2. I love ghost stories. As a matter of fact, I grew up around our town ghost stories about a train that didn’t really exist running down the track late at night. The draw back was that house was situated right behind that train track. The other was about the light that use to bounce down the same track late nights. It was said that the light consisted of spirits of railroad workers and passengers on a train that derailed at the tressel. The train went over and killed workers and passengers. There are a lot of ghost stories about where I grew up. I love hearing more.

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