Who You Gonna Call?

Improv Everywhere is speaking our language – humor and ghosts!

Click on the picture and Enjoy!

Happy (and Laughing) Haunts,


Haunt Spots Tours Support Free Shakespeare in the Park

Haunt Spots tours are (if you will forgive me) alive and well!

Intrepid explorers are out checking out local Wisconsin ghost stories on the two Capers we’ve got for offer.  We’ve got the raw materials for 4 more tours (4 more!!!) just waiting to be turned into stories and tours to enjoy.

One of the other things that Haunt Spots tours are doing is helping support Milwaukee’s first ever Free Shakespeare in the Park.  A portion of every sale goes directly to the coffers of Optimist Theatre to support that amazing effort.  Shakespeare in the Park is a gift to the city, but it does cost some moolah.  Caper Company is thrilled to help.

If you want to help support free Shakespeare in the Park AND explore some local Wisconsin haunts, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Buy a tour!  Check us out at http://www.CaperCompany.com.

Who knows, up next could be a Shakespeare’s Ghosts tour… Now THAT sounds fun.

Happy Haunts (and Thanks for Supporting Free Shakespeare in the Park!)


Let’s go! Overnight Ghost Hunt

I’ve got the itch and I know where I want to go.  About 2 1/2 hours west of Milwaukee, there’s this enticing and lovely old haunted inn.  It’s near some other Haunt Spots I’ve also been dying to check out.

I think this needs to be a group trip.

Why?  Because I’m a chicken and believe there’s protection in numbers.  I also think the haunts in this area are so sensational that a small group — say 6 of us — would intensify the experience.

So, we drive over on a Saturday in July and check out some haunts on the way.  Maybe picnic somewhere a little creepy.  Check in.  Head out that evening for some night time ghost hunting.  Overnight in the B&B.  (Gulp!)  Spend the next day checking out more haunts.


I have my own personal issues with staying in haunted hotels.  One time, I was alone and pretty much terrified the whole night.  I think I could give it another try if I had time to psych myself up first.  And, if I wasn’t alone.


I can do it!

Time to check out some prices — see if I can get some deals at the inn, van rental, holy water …

Sounds like….

…. fun?!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

PS  If you want to go – email me at susanscotfry@capercompany.com