What people are saying about Haunt Spots audio tours…

Please also visit any page of the Caper Company website for actual Haunt Spots Explorer feedback on their tour experience.  AND, I’d love to hear your experiences!  Email me at susanscotfry@capercompany.com.

Happy Haunts,


“A couple of years ago my family and I purchased a “haunt spot” package from your web site “The Caper Company”. It was called Fitzsimmons Road. We had so much fun that night we still talk about it.”


“It was my pleasure!!!  TONS of fun, we are already talking about doing it again!!!…. GREAT job with the whole thing!!! I will tell anyone I know about this!!!”



“I loved the tour so much!  It was totally worth it, and it was so much creepier than I anticipated!  We went in with a “yes!” attitude, and we ended up laughing at ourselves more and more as it got scarier!  And we didn’t have to do any work or research ahead of time – everything in the tour package was ready to go and user-friendly.  I haven’t felt this spontaneous and adventuresome in a long time!  Thank you so much!”


“I definitely would opt for night time; however, I was still spooked during daylight hours. I was especially freaked out by (destination no 4 on “A Hard Luck and Loss Caper”). Everyone in my party and myself included had no idea that place existed, and I’ve been living here for 31 years about! I would however like to have seen a place we could go inside of…maybe in the future. Thank you again! Please keep me posted for anymore tours you create.”


“We had an absolutely fantastic Halloween expedition! The entire group was thrilled to have had a day like last Saturday, and I was thrilled that something I planned actually worked out for once.”

“The entire group agreed that it was a fantastic day, and couldn’t stop talking about how the person who decided not to go with us was silly and had missed out on an amazing experience. I was so happy to have been able to share that day with them, and to make them all so happy too.”


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