Newly Discovered Haunt Spots

This is what it’s all about.  In the world of paranormal travels, the holy grail, the golden goose, the ticket to Ghost Hunters Live is discovering a ghost story that no-one has heard of yet.

This moment may be brief, but it can be so bright. **

It’s practically guaranteed that from the time you tell someone about reports of paranormal activity to the time it shows up on the granddaddy of on-line listings, Shadowlands, will be split seconds.  The time from that post to the haunt being added to the exceptional Unexplained Research map is not even worth measuring.  Those folks are on top of it and we’re indebted.

Allow me to bask for a moment or two because that’s about all we’ve got.  Aaaaaannnndddddd….. Done.

We’ve got two, count ’em, two newly discovered Haunt Spots on our latest tour, “A Forlorn Phantoms to Floozies Caper”.  This tour is pretty eclectic.  It covers 2 very well known haunts and the 2 we sussed out just for you.  The tour takes you on a road trip north of Milwaukee, into Ozaukee County.

Digging into the rumors was so much fun.  All it took was a hint and off we went.  We talked to neighbors, dug into history, visited libraries, and generally poked around until we made nuisances of ourselves.  But, that’s what it took. Not only did we discover some rich ghost stories, but there were other pay-offs.

Pay-off 1:  We captured some interesting EVP’s at one of the new haunts.

Pay-off 2:  The people who manage the other location are going to let Haunt Spots Explorers poke around inside.

Bottom line pay-off:  Now it’s your turn.  We had our fun.  The stories are recorded and the Caper is up on the website. Grab a couple of friends and go check it out for yourself.  Just in time for Halloween.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

** Kudos and thanks to Rush for these lyrics.  Hey, go with the pros.


Psychic Kids – Paranormal Children

I’m watching it Right Now. Brought to you by the demon-chasing folks (or is it just my impression?) at A&E’s hit series “Paranormal State”.

Check it out at

The jury is out.

What do you think?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Apparently, the Answer is “No, It’s Not Too Soon” for One Filmmaker

On December 2nd, 2009 a Haunts Blog posting asked the question, “When is it too soon to include a particularly heinous crime destination in a Haunt Spots tour?”  One of the examples was notorious Wisconsin murder, Ed Gein.  Although convicted of one single slaying, he gained huge notoriety for his hobby of digging up other corpses and creating trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin.  The formerGein farm property up in Plainfield, WI is rife with stories of ghostly activity.

An article in the January 2, 2010 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contained an answer to my blog question.  The article, entitled‘Ed Gein:  The Musical’ will have world premiere, is by Journal Sentinal reporter, Chris Foran.  He describes the film as a ‘ dark and somewhat controversial comedy’.  Uh-huh.  I’m a ‘dark and controversial comedy’ fan along with the best of them, but I suspect I will take a pass on this one.  Not even the YouTube trailer was enough to hook me.  It’s not graphic by any stretch, but it did induce a little queasiness.  It may have been the singing.

I stand by my earlier post.  It’s not my personal story, but in a Haunt Spots tour I’m privileged to tell it and get to choose how. Apparently, filmmaker Dan Davies thinks so too.  More power to you, Dan.  I think.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Caper Company Tours LLC

And, Now — The Conclusion of LM’s Halloween Haunt Spots Adventure

Welcome to part 3 of 3.  LM and her crew of intrepid Haunt Spots Explorers have made their personal paranormal connections and are inspired to think of those who’ve affected them…

“One of our group members has suggested that next Dia De Los Muertos, (not today, unfortunately, because it’s a bit too last minute,) we go back out there for a proper Day of the Dead picnic. I asked if this means we have to cook for 4,000 and she laughed and said no — just as long as we have SOMETHING there for them to pay them proper memory and respect. I pointed out that they probably don’t eat much anyway, what with being transparent and all.

All in all, the entire group agreed that it was a fantastic day, and couldn’t stop talking about how the person who decided not to go with us was silly and had missed out on an amazing experience. I was so happy to have been able to share that day with them, and to make them all so happy too. Like I said, things that I try to organize generally don’t go well — parties, excursions, adventures, etc. But this worked out VERY well. (Oh yes…thanks for including nearest addresses and GPS coordinates on the itinerary, as well as descriptions of the area. In classic “me” fashion, I got us lost at least once on the way to every single location, but we were still able to find our way there.)

Thank you so much for this, and I hope to post our pictures soon. (You will LOVE the one of our youngest expedition member at the EB, suddenly struck by a “writer” moment where she just HAD to sit down and take out her notebook.)

Happy November to you, and thanks again on behalf of my friends for a fantastic Halloween!”

— LM

(PS from Susan…  No, LM — Thank YOU!  And, by the by — the spirits of PF are happy to have met you and your friends.  They look forward to your next visit.)

LM’s Halloween Haunt Spots Adventure… Part 2

And, LM’s Halloween Haunt Spots Exploration continues…

(More ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooosts!)

After WP, we stopped for food at this AMAZING Indian restaurant about 6 miles away from the park. Tiny place, looked kinda sketchy from the outside, but it was incredible. (Royal India Restaurant. Tell your friends.) Two of our group pulled out a notebook and started an impromptu Nepali / Hindi language lesson, which our waiter eavesdropped on and must have decided he liked us. We all got free chai and a free appetizer.

I wasn’t sure how much further our group would want to continue, seeing as it was cold and dark and at least two of them were not wearing appropriately warm footwear or coats. I asked them if they wanted to continue to the last location, or just skip it and go home now that we were all warm and full of comfy food. They all insisted they wanted to continue.

PF was by far the most active place we went. By the time we got there, it was well past nightfall, though the moon provided some decent light. (Oh — and we met up with another Caper tour! We met this couple at WP and asked them to take our picture, then encountered them again at PF. This was just WAY too much coincidence, so I asked if they were on your tour and they said yes. Our skeptic, on the other hand, insisted that they were “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooosts!”)

Walking out into PF was a bit creepy for several of us, simply by virtue of the fact that we knew we were walking over unmarked graves. We got to John Schwab’s headstone at the center and stood there for awhile, talking and taking a few pictures, and then I stopped and realized something.

I realized we were alone. Just the six of us. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been a particularly profound thought, except what I realized was that this entire time, I had been feeling as though we were standing in the middle of a crowd. It was so matter-of-fact that I hadn’t questioned it before, but at that time I stopped to think about it. This was not, in fact, a crowded plaza — but it sure felt like one. I asked if anyone else had the same feeling and they all immediately responded that yes, they did — they just hadn’t wanted to mention it, or weren’t sure how.

All except our skeptic, of course. In stark contrast to us, he said he felt VERY alone — like his back was exposed, and someone was about to steal his wallet. He was exceptionally creeped out, and I think it was pure politeness to the rest of us that kept him from demanding that we leave right then.

Then, as soon as we crossed outside the fence surrounding the field, the feeling went away. For all of us.

(to be concluded in part the third)

An Excellent Halloween Haunt Spots Exploration

Welcome to our newest Guest Blogger “LM” — now known as the Infamous LM of Haunt Spots Tour Leader Extraordinaire fame.

LM has shared her wonderful write up of their Halloween Haunt Spots ghost tour exploration.  Enjoy, part the first …

(ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!   —  read on, you’ll get it…)

A Hard Luck and Loss Caper at Night 006

EB from A Hard Luck and Loss Caper

Susan —

We had an absolutely fantastic Halloween expedition! The entire group was thrilled to have had a day like last Saturday, and I was thrilled that something I planned actually worked out for once.

We ended up having one too many people to all fit in one car, so we split into two cars and then just regrouped at the parking lot of each location to huddle in my car and listen to the audio CD. Our token skeptic had a lot of fun chiming in with ”

OoOoOoOo…!” at various moments, as well as mimicking fake ghost coughing at appropriate locations. He also declared that, since it was Halloween, we couldn’t just say “ghost” — we had to say it “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!” All day long. Every three seconds. Every rock, tree, and twig we came across was somehow a “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!” Likewise, I assured him that it was a “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost” that kicked him in the shins repeatedly, rather than me. (No worries,though — it was all in good fun. After we were done for the night and headed home, he asked if we could please put the audio CD back in so he could listen to all the stories about the places we had just been. I asked if he wanted to skip past the M one, since we didn’t actually go there, and he said no — he wanted to hear it.)

The first two places we stopped, we didn’t find much in the way of activity. Rather, we just soaked up the absolute October beauty of it all. At least two of our explorers wanted to stay there for hours, I think, and thanked me repeatedly for bringing them there. We had one unexplained experience at WP — ironically, witnessed by our skeptic. Four of our group had continued down the path by the waterside, while two of us remained behind to take more pictures. As we went to catch up with the others, the skeptic reported that he’d seen a reflection of a person in the water and assumed it was us — but upon looking up, couldn’t see us approaching from where he stood. We thought maybe it was a trick of the angle or the brush obscuring the path and tried recreating it later, but we couldn’t.

(to be continued…)

My Haunt Spots Caper – by Guest Blogger, “E” – Part 4 and Final

When last we met up with our Guest Haunts Blogger “E”, they had intrepidly faced their whole tour.  Join us for the conclusion of this expedition…

We headed back to our rendezvous point.  It was warm by the fire, and we gladly partook of cookies and beverages and gushed excitedly about our evening’s adventures.  Next time I’m taking more people, and I’m going earlier in the evening, right up until dusk!  Going in the dark was great and creepy, but we couldn’t actually see very many details, and we couldn’t ignore the real risk of being three girls out at night in secluded, unlit areas.

I loved the tour so much! It was totally worth it (even though we ended up skipping #3), and it was so much creepier than I anticipated.  We went in with a “yes!” attitude, and we ended up laughing at ourselves more and more as it got scarier.  And we didn’t have to do any work or research ahead of time – everything in the tour package was ready to go and user-friendly. I haven’t felt this spontaneous and adventuresome in a long time!  Thanks, Caper Company!

Thank you, E!

My Haunt Spots Caper – by Guest Blogger, “E” – Part 3

When we left Guest Haunts Blogger “E”, they were making their way to their third Haunt Spots tour destination of the night…


After a brief detour and some more driving, we arrived at our third location.  Although it was public property, it was pitch black, secluded, and deserted.  A long and steep hill stretched down before us, with a trail head somewhere at the bottom.  We listened to the chilling lore for this Haunt Spot.  As we listened, though, another vehicle came into the parking lot and parked.  There was a soft blue glow from inside, probably from a laptop.  The lone person remained in his car as we finished the audio track.  I suggested that it would be unwise to exit the car and venture down into the darkness when another stranger was watching us.  Besides, what fun and exploration could we possibly have in such darkness?  There was no moonlight through the clouds.  We decided to be on the safe side and skip it.

After another modest drive, we arrived at our fourth destination.  The area was peaceful, despite its odd surroundings.  We settled down and listened to the last audio track.  We were a little nervous, I had a headache, and we were all kind of hungry.  There was a particularly creepy tune featured in the audio here, and we noticed more static coming from my tape-deck adapter at this location.  As we exited the car, I realized I was wearing my old-fashioned engineer’s hat, and we’d just been informed there was an abandoned railroad nearby!

While fumbling with our cameras, we suddenly heard the same creepy tune from the CD!  But it was only the unexpected tones of my partner’s camera notifying her of its low battery.  She says she charged it fully before leaving.  We approached the site trepidatiously and stopped to listen for any spirits, but we heard nothing.  It was too dark to see much, especially after we’d stood by the site marker and flashed cameras in each other’s eyes.  It was much colder here.  Since we couldn’t see enough of the terrain to walk around, we got back into the car where it was warm.

Tune in for the thrilling conclusion of Guest Blogger “E”‘s Haunt Spots Caper…

My Haunt Spots Caper – by Guest Blogger, “E” – Part 2

A Hard Luck and Loss Caper(Continued from Part the First)

When we left Guest Haunts Blogger “E”, they were making their way intrepidly around their first Haunt Spots tour destination…

Just then, we heard the faint sound of a bell ringing.  I immediately checked my watch and confirmed that it was eight o’ clock, and as we listened, we heard it toll the hour.  After the bell struck eight, it continued to chime beautiful music.  I took a few seconds of video and caught some of the bell’s music.  It sounded like it was coming from one of the buildings, but muffled, as if perhaps the bell tower was all boarded up.  We walked one circuit around the area, but I became concerned that there could be unsavory characters here in the dark, of the very much alive and human sort, so we didn’t explore any further.  We went directly back to the car, feeling that it was good to head out under our own free will, sufficiently spooked but not scared senseless.

We drove to the second Haunt Spot nearby.  Again, we parked and listened to the provided audio.  The story hit a particular chord with me, and I didn’t doubt its truth for a moment.  The area seemed much more hospitable, but I was not inclined to do much exploring in the dark.  We walked over the hillcrest as directed, and we were astonished to see the upper level of the building revealed.  It hadn’t been visible at all from the parking area.  We left very soon, though, because I had to find a restroom.

To Be Continued…

My Haunt Spots Caper – by Guest Blogger, “E” – Part 1

Haunt Spots Explorer extraordinaire “E” created a wonderful write-up of her recent Caper Company ghost tour and has given me permission to re-post it on our Haunts Blog.

A Haunt Spots tour is an opportunity to spend a good amount of time exploring real Wisconsin haunts, so naturally E’s account of her night of ghost hunting is pretty extensive.  So, we decided to post it in serial form.  Here’s part the first.

“My Haunt Spots Caper”

With one bag for my exploring gear and one bag for my first aid kit, I considered myself prepared, although this certainly fell under the category of “packing light” for me.  I always come prepared, and I always arrive early.  This was my first time taking a Haunt Spots Tour from Caper Company, so I didn’t want to leave any details to chance.  (At least, no more than I was already signing up for!)


My two partners and I gathered in front of a crackling fireplace and listened to the “before you go” audio track before heading out in my car.  It rained for a little while, and we suddenly wished we’d packed some of those warm chocolate chip cookies we’d left by the fire.  Arriving at our first Haunt Spot destination, we found it cold, dark, and damp.  We parked, shut off the engine, and listened to the corresponding audio track.  It sounded like there was a lot of activity here!  We got out, looked at our surroundings, and excitedly took some photos of each other.  We were feeling eager to test our steel by setting off into the unknown.  With our gear in hand and slung over shoulder, we headed down the hill into the darkness.  Although the immediate area was deserted and still, it was comforting to see and hear the freeway in the distance, reminding us that we were still near civilization.

As we came into close range of the haunted area, I took a photo of the building that loomed before us. You can’t see the building in my photo because it’s too dark, even with the flash.  But what the photo did capture was a Great and Terrifying Mist!  (Susan Scot Fry note:  Click this link for the photo!)  My partners tried their cameras, but no mist appeared in their photos.  I took a second photo too, but there was no more mist.  We never even saw it with our eyes.

As we walked farther into the area, the three of us suddenly heard a distinct human male voice shout “Hey!” from behind us.  Assuming we’d been seen by a security guard, we walked back to the intersection where we could make ourselves visible.  Although we stood there for a good minute and looked intently back toward the parking lot, there was absolutely no one there.  So we continued walking in.

To Be Continued…