Cedarburg Haunts — Here I Come!

Tomorrow will epitomize the blend of my new life. I get to partially spend it with Ron as he visits 8 classrooms at Cedarburg High School as William Shakespeare and I get to check out some area Haunt Spots for tour research.

Today, I prep.

Putting together a big event like Brave New World is all consuming – especially during the final week. I miss Caper Company and am excited to be back into it.

I’ll stop at Founder’s Cemetery Park tomorrow and pay my respects. Part of those respects will include a distinct welcoming back of what feels like my former pursuits — creating Haunt Spots tours. Founder’s is one of those places that helped form the foundation for Caper Company and Haunt Spots tours.

So, where’s my ghost spreadsheet?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry