Death is not the end of love

Happy Valentines Weekend, my fellow paranormal enthusiasts.

In the spirit of the season, here’s a ghostly love story that I found this in a blog called “Love Beyond the Grave” by S. Ruth Hamilton.  It was submitted to her by Don and Shirley Starke and slightly abridged by yours truly.

I hope for sweetness and love to you all.  Enjoy…

Doug and Carla

Doug and Carla were married for 36 yrs. They had been high school sweethearts who had never dated anyone but each other.   Doug and Carla had four children, three girls and a boy and lived happily on their small farm.

Doug died a few months after a horse riding accident in which he broke several bones. He had grown up in the saddle, and hadn’t been thrown in years but death makes mysterious choices.

Carla’s children and friends were all worried about her. She seemed lost after Doug passed away. She lost interest in everything, even the farm and her family. She stopped going to church and meeting her friends. Carla’s children were afraid she would die of a broken heart.

Her children called and visited as much as possible, but they each lived hours from the farm and were busy with their own families. After much argument, they got her to move to a small home closer to town. Carla seemed to settle in, but still was far from the vibrant, fun loving mother they remembered.

One day, Michelle the youngest daughter phoned her siblings. She was concerned. Michelle had been to see their mother and at first she was happy, because she had actually looked rested for a change.  When Michelle commented on how well her mother was looking, Carla told her that Dad had come and slept next to her during the night.

Michelle was worried that her mother was imagining things. The siblings discussed it and they decided that it wasn’t hurting anything, and that if thinking their father was around made their Mom feel better they should ignore it.

A couple of months later, their son Don visited his mother for the weekend. He said he woke up suddenly, but could not say exactly why.  That’s when he noticed the smell of fresh hay in the room that had not been there when he went to sleep. It was a strong, sweet smell that made him think of growing up and rolling bales with his father.

Don got up. The smell in the room was fading, but still quite distinct. He could not figure out where it was coming from. Don went in the hallway to investigate and did not smell the hay. By the time he got back to his room the scent was almost gone. He dismissed the incident as an especially vivid dream and credited the smell as having been a part of it.

Don headed down for breakfast and stopped with surprise on the stairs. He could hear his mother singing. The sound of her voice was something he had grown up with, but it was one of the things stopped when his Dad passed away.

“Good Morning,” Don said as he entered the kitchen. He stopped in his tracks. The heavy scent of fresh cut hay was all around him.

Don stared at his Mom, with his mouth wide open. His mother had a single strand of hay tucked behind her ear.  She saw him looking and smiled.

“It’s okay” she told him. “Dad comes to visit me a couple times a week now. Whenever he does, he brings me something from the farm.”

Don was the only child to ever be present when there was an unexplained smell in the home, and none of the children ever saw anything appear, but for the rest of Carla’s life she said she received a couple of visits a week from Doug.

He always brought her something.  Sometimes it was a flower or a leaf.  Other times it was a pebble or a pile of dirt.  It was always something that looked like it could have been picked up on their old farm.