Exercise the Spirits of 2009

No, I”m not missing the “O”.  I mean exercise.  Time to get you and your extended family of ghosts off your backs and butts and let in some fresh air.

2009 is on the way out.  2010 — which all signs point to being radically better than it’s former incarnation — is on the way in.  Let’s oxygenate it.

How do you exercise your spirits?  Certainly, there are as many ways as there are opinions about the paranormal.  The infamous ‘brown lady’ in the picture obviously prefers stair work.   Here’s some other ideas…

Ghosts in the (Heavy Equipment) Machines…

There seems to be evidence that at least one ghost digs heavy equipment work-outs.  Take this story of one Missouri fitness-freak-phantom, preferring hefty gym equipment late at night.  Thanks to a motion censor in the gym and both CNN and CBS’s need for filler news, this muscle bound spectre may have been caught working out.  Click here for the link to the CNN news story — or here for the shorter CBS story.

The Haunted Backyard Gym…

Another man seems to be having the same problem with his home backyard gym and frankly, it’s left him baffled.  Seems pretty obvious to me.  There’s a ghost in residence who digs working out.  Of course, the spirit might be himself…. but you decide.  Here‘s a link to his video account.

And I Thought it Was the Cat Moving Around my Weights…

Last but not least, for definitive proof that ghosts are into pumping iron, we can thank YouTube for being the conduit of truth.  Click here for the expose.

Stairs, gym memberships, home weights — something for everyone.  Considering that some people don’t even let death stop them, I’m feeling a bit lazy in comparison.  Does poking around Haunt Spots count as exercise?  It can have a quite a cardio impact.

Here’s to a spirited 2010.

Happy Haunts,