New Paranormal Reality Show on… Animal Planet (?!)

Uh huh.  It’s official.  Everybody and his hairy cousin is jumping on the paranormal tv bandwagon.

The latest entry is “The Haunted” on Animal Planet.  Yes, Animal Planet.  It’s about spirit dogs, ghost cats and spectral lemurs (okay, I made that one up) and the places they haunt.  In the style vein of Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting”, this new show seems nicely done.  It’s about quality storytelling, and I hand it to Animal Planet here. The storytelling is good.

Live pets are also heavily featured as “The Haunted” explores the theory that animals are sensitive to paranormal activity. From their “About” page…

“Animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive than humans. According to psychics, they are capable of sensing spirits that cannot be seen or heard by even the sharpest minds. THE HAUNTED chronicles true, chilling and terrifying stories of animals and their owners who are experiencing the unexplainable.”

Check it out for yourself at If you watch their video clips, you have to get past their sponsor ads. But if you’re used to hulu, it’s not so bad. They’re short.

Their next episode is on December 6th at 9pm CST. Add this to the line-up and I’m never going to get out of the house. Bliss.

Happy, Hissy, Haunts,


ps. All opinions here are mine. If I could get a sponsorship from Animal Planet to flog their show, you’d hear me shouting joy from the rooftops. 😉

But, hey – I will happily mention in this post!

My Favorite Halloween Costume

My birthday is 5 days before Halloween.  Other than “that explains a lot, Susan” it also means that, as a kid growing up, one of my birthday presents was always my Halloween costume.  Even at a young age, I knew that was a bit of a cop-out-rip-off birthday present, but I also knew that money was tight.  I was so happy to be getting a costume.  It also meant that every birthday was also a tiny costume party of one, starring Me.  Now, for a kid who basked in the spotlight, this guaranteed audience of ooo’s and aaah’s was the best present ever.

So, my favorite Halloween costume?  I honestly don’t recall.  Well, I vaguely remember a Wonder Woman outfit.  But regardless, I’m sure it was one of those off-the-rack, highly flammable, ties-in-the-back and comes with the plastic mask with eye holes and that thin elastic string thing.  And the accompanying adoring fans.  And cake.  My imagination supplied the golden lasso.

Sheer bliss occurred if my birthday also happened to fall on a Saturday.  In the small California town where I grew up, post Saturday morning cartoons were followed by “Creature Feature” afternoons.  I could sit in my costume and watch Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and – oh, who was the guy who always played Van Helsing…. Peter Cushing!  Talk about formative.

Flash forward to today.  I’m still the same little kid reveling in all day feasts of ghost stories only the costume I’m wearing now if my laptop and Creature Feature is now called Haunt Spots.  One thing hasn’t changed in all these years.  I’m still grinning from ear-to-ear.

Oh yes, and my costume now?  Some days, like today, it’s a robe and pj’s because I jumped out of bed, booted up and started typing.  Which means I’m dressed up like a home-based business person.  And grinning from ear-to-ear.

Happy Haunts,


New History and Hauntings Audio Stories are Well Underway

The History and Hauntings audio tracks for our next Haunt Spots tour are well underway.

This Haunt Spots tour will feature four stories, plus the “Before You Go” general welcome, of course.  It  includes historic buildings with an angry ghost, a haunted theatre, a murderous trail and a creepy suicide hill.  Its working name is the romantically evocative “Tour 2”.  Inspirational, I know.

The historic buildings and trail stories are already recorded.  This afternoon will be the haunted theatre.  Ron gave me a little preview last night of the intro music for one of the recordings.  I’m standing in his darkened studio (why do sound editors prefer to work in cave-like settings?) listening to a lovely little ditty and just when I’m starting to gently sway to the tune, in cracks a sound effect that makes me jump.  Repeatedly.


Time to get back to making magic.

Happy Haunts,

Susankeeping an eye on Explorers