Newly Discovered Haunt Spots

This is what it’s all about.  In the world of paranormal travels, the holy grail, the golden goose, the ticket to Ghost Hunters Live is discovering a ghost story that no-one has heard of yet.

This moment may be brief, but it can be so bright. **

It’s practically guaranteed that from the time you tell someone about reports of paranormal activity to the time it shows up on the granddaddy of on-line listings, Shadowlands, will be split seconds.  The time from that post to the haunt being added to the exceptional Unexplained Research map is not even worth measuring.  Those folks are on top of it and we’re indebted.

Allow me to bask for a moment or two because that’s about all we’ve got.  Aaaaaannnndddddd….. Done.

We’ve got two, count ’em, two newly discovered Haunt Spots on our latest tour, “A Forlorn Phantoms to Floozies Caper”.  This tour is pretty eclectic.  It covers 2 very well known haunts and the 2 we sussed out just for you.  The tour takes you on a road trip north of Milwaukee, into Ozaukee County.

Digging into the rumors was so much fun.  All it took was a hint and off we went.  We talked to neighbors, dug into history, visited libraries, and generally poked around until we made nuisances of ourselves.  But, that’s what it took. Not only did we discover some rich ghost stories, but there were other pay-offs.

Pay-off 1:  We captured some interesting EVP’s at one of the new haunts.

Pay-off 2:  The people who manage the other location are going to let Haunt Spots Explorers poke around inside.

Bottom line pay-off:  Now it’s your turn.  We had our fun.  The stories are recorded and the Caper is up on the website. Grab a couple of friends and go check it out for yourself.  Just in time for Halloween.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

** Kudos and thanks to Rush for these lyrics.  Hey, go with the pros.

3 Days of Halloween Ghost Walks!

There’s something about this place.  Something that keeps drawing me back.  Something that makes me keep digging.  My sixth sense is on high alert.  I just know that there are ghost stories here.

Guess what?

I was right.

It’s been a fascinating and frightening trip into this mysterious town’s haunted history.  Now you’re invited to join in the fun.  Presenting the…

1st Annual Port Washington Ghost Walk

Three nights only – October 29, 30 and 31 – delve into newly discovered paranormal tales of downtown and beyond.  Port Washington is only a 30 minute drive north of Milwaukee but feels like you’ve traveled back in time.

All the details are on the Caper Company website at  There are two guided ghost walks to choose from – one includes getting inside one of the village’s most notorious haunts.  Both tours end up with a candlelit exploration of a local cemetery – a place where Caper Company Researchers have personally captured some pretty terrifying EVP’s.

Each excursion into the supernatural will be led by experienced Caper Company Researchers.  On Tour 1, you join me at 6 pm and Char Paulbicke at 7 pm.  Tour 2 is led by Jenni Glueckstein at 7 pm, Ron Scot Fry at 8 pm, and all of us at 9 pm.

Questions?  Feel free to email me at or give me a call at 262-498-5777.  Already know you don’t want to miss this?  Pre-purchase your tickets on line at the webpage listed above.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Who You Gonna Call?

Improv Everywhere is speaking our language – humor and ghosts!

Click on the picture and Enjoy!

Happy (and Laughing) Haunts,


Haunt Spots Tours Support Free Shakespeare in the Park

Haunt Spots tours are (if you will forgive me) alive and well!

Intrepid explorers are out checking out local Wisconsin ghost stories on the two Capers we’ve got for offer.  We’ve got the raw materials for 4 more tours (4 more!!!) just waiting to be turned into stories and tours to enjoy.

One of the other things that Haunt Spots tours are doing is helping support Milwaukee’s first ever Free Shakespeare in the Park.  A portion of every sale goes directly to the coffers of Optimist Theatre to support that amazing effort.  Shakespeare in the Park is a gift to the city, but it does cost some moolah.  Caper Company is thrilled to help.

If you want to help support free Shakespeare in the Park AND explore some local Wisconsin haunts, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Buy a tour!  Check us out at

Who knows, up next could be a Shakespeare’s Ghosts tour… Now THAT sounds fun.

Happy Haunts (and Thanks for Supporting Free Shakespeare in the Park!)


Let’s go! Overnight Ghost Hunt

I’ve got the itch and I know where I want to go.  About 2 1/2 hours west of Milwaukee, there’s this enticing and lovely old haunted inn.  It’s near some other Haunt Spots I’ve also been dying to check out.

I think this needs to be a group trip.

Why?  Because I’m a chicken and believe there’s protection in numbers.  I also think the haunts in this area are so sensational that a small group — say 6 of us — would intensify the experience.

So, we drive over on a Saturday in July and check out some haunts on the way.  Maybe picnic somewhere a little creepy.  Check in.  Head out that evening for some night time ghost hunting.  Overnight in the B&B.  (Gulp!)  Spend the next day checking out more haunts.


I have my own personal issues with staying in haunted hotels.  One time, I was alone and pretty much terrified the whole night.  I think I could give it another try if I had time to psych myself up first.  And, if I wasn’t alone.


I can do it!

Time to check out some prices — see if I can get some deals at the inn, van rental, holy water …

Sounds like….

…. fun?!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

PS  If you want to go – email me at

6 Signs of Psychic Ability

I just stumbled across the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network website and LOVED their tagline.

“We’ve been expecting you.”

(I’m laughing out loud right now!)

One of my favorite recurring tickles is driving by a hotel hosting a Psychic Fair and they’ve got a marquee sign announcing the dates.  The running joke is, “Why do they need to list the dates?  Won’t everyone just show up when they’re supposed to?”

The North American Psychic and Paranormal Network people get it.  You’ve got to have a sense of humor.

Many people consider themselves sensitive in some way or another, but bristle when they hear the “Ps” word.  I’m fond of online dictionaries so here goes…

Merriam-Webster:  Psychic.  Pronunciation: \ˈsī-kik\ Etymology: Greek psychikos of the soul, from psychē soul.

Date: 1642.  Function: adjective: 1 : of or relating to the psyche 2 : lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge : immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force.  3 : sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding

Date: 1871  Function: noun: 1 : a person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces

Conclusion:  WE’RE ALL PSYCHIC .

How?  Well, besides these definitions, where do you fit in these scenarios?

  1. Mom Hearing.  You know they’re getting into something.
  2. They were just talking about me.  That palpable silence that you can feel when you walk into a conference room.
  3. Women’s Intuition.  That inner voice that tells her it was you who didn’t put the seat down.
  4. I was just thinking about you!  Often heard first thing in a long overdue phone conversation.
  5. Don’t even think about it.  Closely related to Mom Hearing.
  6. I just know.  I just do.

These phenomena happen all day, every day, to everyone so, according to this definition, we’re psychic.

So, let’s have a sense of humor and adventure.  This can be fun and exciting stuff.

What’s your psychic ability?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Update…  WOW!  Thanks for all the great comments via this blog and the Caper Company facebook page!  I just found out that this post is one of Haunt Jaunts top 3, too!  Sweeeeet.

Would you stay overnight in a haunted hotel?

Not me.  Not on purpose, that is.

I’ve done it by accident.

I’d just finished with my 4 month business incubator and had a brand spanking new biz plan in my lap.  It was heavy, so I did what I always do when facing a life transition.  Road trip.  I packed an overnight bag, just in case, and headed north.

My first stop was a labyrinth in West Bend.  I’m a fan and had been looking for a new one to check out so it seemed as good a place as any.  If you like your labyrinth overlaid with English country cottage charm next to a busy street, then this one will do it for you.  Me, not so much.  But hey, at least I made it there and walked it.  It’s all part of the road trip experience.  The endless possibilities of ‘where next’ lay before me. Which meant one thing.  Lunch. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich later and I’m looking toward the road again.

The wonders of traveling with a GPS means that you’re never without a nearby antique mall.  One mall leads to another, kind of like M&M’s or BBQ potato chips, and I’m far enough northwest to wonder, “Do I turn around and head home or commit to an overnight somewhere?  Hey, I’ve never been to Fond du Lac.  That’s on Lake Winnebago.  I’ve always wanted to see Lake Winnebago.”

That’s how I ended up in Fond du Lac’s haunted hotel.  It’s just the sort of place I’d pick, too.  Not because it’s haunted, but because it’s a very old building in the old downtown, and it’s reasonably priced to boot.  It’s got a bar and a restaurant on site.  It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.  I’ve struck gold!

Now it’s a Ramada, but it used to be called the Hotel Retlaw.  When I checked in, alarm bells went off in my head.  Where had I heard about this place before?  Why is this so familiar?  Why does the place feel peculiar?  Well, duh Susan!  It’s on just about every haunted places index I’ve ever read.  It wasn’t until I was in my room that it dawned on me.  A cell call to my husband, who did a quick search on the interwebs, confirmed my suspicions.  I’d checked into a haunted hotel.

I might have wondered about ghosts even if I’d not had my suspicions googled.  The hallways were creepy and a bit disorienting.  In my room, it felt like something was at either door — the one from the hall and the one from the bathroom.  I did a lot of whistling a happy tune, which is what I do when I’m para-nervous.  “Oh, la, la, la, it’s all my imagination, la, la.”  At about 12:30 that night, I forced myself to turn off the light and try to get some sleep.  Try being the operative word.

Fond du Lac and environs has some stellar hauntings, so I’m sure there will eventually be a Haunt Spots tour of the area.  I’ll save the full story of the Retlaw Hotel for then.

So, the question remains.  Would you stay at a hotel simply because you knew it was haunted?  I might, if I weren’t alone and if I had the nerve to explore more.


Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

What an amazing new Haunt Spot

The people who own and operate our newest Haunt Spot are excited about  having us come in and explore, too!  That officially completes the route for a new Milwaukee area tour.  Now, it’s time to get busy on the audio scripts.

Speaking of amazing, I didn’t expect to see many Haunt Spots Explorers put their intrepid hats on until end of March / beginning of April.  But, low and behold, out of the blue yesterday, a gentleman from Racine picked up “A No Safe Haven Caper”.  He called because he and his wife wanted to head out that day, so I needed to get the tour components emailed ASAP.  I asked if he didn’t mind tooling around in the chill with snow on the ground.  They didn’t care in the least.  Apparently the cold weather is less a deterrent than cabin fever.  Add the lure of exploring places that are reported to be haunted and there you go!

Last year, my partners and I did a lot of Haunt Spots field research in March and April and it was chilly BUT I remember vividly how incredibly atmospheric it was too.  The trees are skeletal and the light is low.  On especially good days, there is a bit a mist.  Perfection!

The photo here is from a research trip that we took toward the end of March 2009.  When I was looking through those photos to pick one for this post, I noticed there were some at the tail end of the album of my cat and dog curled up on the couch in front of the fire.  Now, that’s really perfection.  The chill I get exploring ghost stories capped by a glass of wine, a fireplace and a cozy kitty.

Time to get onto writing those stories!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

We may have an indoor haunt for an upcoming tour!

Yup!  A gen-u-wine “open the door, walk on in and chit-chat with the bartender about the odd and unexplainable happenings that they’ve been experiencing over the years” Haunt Spot.

I had a great conversation with Mike today.  Not only is the building extremely old and has a rich, rich history, but there are a plethora of things that go bump in residence.  He’d be most happy for Caper Company Explorers to drop in any time.

I’m going to go check it out in person on Saturday.  Fingers are crossed.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

People’s Reactions to Haunt Spots Research

The day job calls today.  I have a Haunt Spots research route that takes me to 4 libraries in Ozaukee County today.  Oh, hurt me.  Let’s see if I have as much luck as I did in Cedarburg last week.

I never know what I’m going to encounter when I introduce the “P” word (paranormal) into conversations. The range of reactions are fastinating…

Nuts.  I don’t mind if people think I’m nuts because I can usually illustrate that I’m also harmless during the conversation.

Dismissive.  Anyone who’s turned away dismissively is frequently compelled to turn back shortly.  Usually as soon as they’ve had a moment to mull it over and eavesdrop on the rest of the conversation.

Bewildered.  This is always an act.  Everyone I’ve ever spoken with, upon reflection, has at least heard some sort of ghost story.  They just don’t want to admit it.  (see Nuts and Dismissive)

Intrigued.  They may not have any personal experiences, but they recognize that ghost stories are part of our universal folklore and have no trouble with me wanting to tell some.

Fascinated.  People who are open to the possibility or have had their own personal paranormal experiences. Often, fascination leads to enthusiasm.  That’s when I truly score!

If you’ve experienced the unexplainable yourself, it’s impossible to be truly and honestly dismissive.  It will always be a part of your consciousness.  You may want to deny it, but no matter how hard you try, you always wonder.  I know that I do.

Personally, I’m a friendly skeptic who loves a good ghost story.

What will I encounter today?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry


Wow, that was fascinating.

I got 2 more Dismissives who quickly handed me off to someone else to take care of.  I got 3 more Intrigueds – one was so cute.  She waited until the other reference librarian was looking for some books for me and took the opportunity to tell me her ghost story.

And I got a new twist on Nuts called Extremely Polite.  There’s that special librarian who obviously thought I was nuts, but she didn’t have any minions to Dismiss me to, so she had to help me because it was her job.

No spectacular new Haunts discovered, but a couple of cool leads — including a ghost town in the area.  I’m itching to get out there.

Today, I’m on the phone with people.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Haunts,