How’s your Halloween shaping up?

Haunted lighthouse

Haunted restaurants

Haunted businesses

Haunted coffee shops

Haunted marina

Haunted train station

Haunted courthouse

Haunted cemetery

Halloween is shaping up nicely.  Want to go?

Happy Haunts,


What an amazing new Haunt Spot

The people who own and operate our newest Haunt Spot are excited about  having us come in and explore, too!  That officially completes the route for a new Milwaukee area tour.  Now, it’s time to get busy on the audio scripts.

Speaking of amazing, I didn’t expect to see many Haunt Spots Explorers put their intrepid hats on until end of March / beginning of April.  But, low and behold, out of the blue yesterday, a gentleman from Racine picked up “A No Safe Haven Caper”.  He called because he and his wife wanted to head out that day, so I needed to get the tour components emailed ASAP.  I asked if he didn’t mind tooling around in the chill with snow on the ground.  They didn’t care in the least.  Apparently the cold weather is less a deterrent than cabin fever.  Add the lure of exploring places that are reported to be haunted and there you go!

Last year, my partners and I did a lot of Haunt Spots field research in March and April and it was chilly BUT I remember vividly how incredibly atmospheric it was too.  The trees are skeletal and the light is low.  On especially good days, there is a bit a mist.  Perfection!

The photo here is from a research trip that we took toward the end of March 2009.  When I was looking through those photos to pick one for this post, I noticed there were some at the tail end of the album of my cat and dog curled up on the couch in front of the fire.  Now, that’s really perfection.  The chill I get exploring ghost stories capped by a glass of wine, a fireplace and a cozy kitty.

Time to get onto writing those stories!

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

An Excellent Halloween Haunt Spots Exploration

Welcome to our newest Guest Blogger “LM” — now known as the Infamous LM of Haunt Spots Tour Leader Extraordinaire fame.

LM has shared her wonderful write up of their Halloween Haunt Spots ghost tour exploration.  Enjoy, part the first …

(ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!   —  read on, you’ll get it…)

A Hard Luck and Loss Caper at Night 006

EB from A Hard Luck and Loss Caper

Susan —

We had an absolutely fantastic Halloween expedition! The entire group was thrilled to have had a day like last Saturday, and I was thrilled that something I planned actually worked out for once.

We ended up having one too many people to all fit in one car, so we split into two cars and then just regrouped at the parking lot of each location to huddle in my car and listen to the audio CD. Our token skeptic had a lot of fun chiming in with ”

OoOoOoOo…!” at various moments, as well as mimicking fake ghost coughing at appropriate locations. He also declared that, since it was Halloween, we couldn’t just say “ghost” — we had to say it “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!” All day long. Every three seconds. Every rock, tree, and twig we came across was somehow a “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost!” Likewise, I assured him that it was a “ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost” that kicked him in the shins repeatedly, rather than me. (No worries,though — it was all in good fun. After we were done for the night and headed home, he asked if we could please put the audio CD back in so he could listen to all the stories about the places we had just been. I asked if he wanted to skip past the M one, since we didn’t actually go there, and he said no — he wanted to hear it.)

The first two places we stopped, we didn’t find much in the way of activity. Rather, we just soaked up the absolute October beauty of it all. At least two of our explorers wanted to stay there for hours, I think, and thanked me repeatedly for bringing them there. We had one unexplained experience at WP — ironically, witnessed by our skeptic. Four of our group had continued down the path by the waterside, while two of us remained behind to take more pictures. As we went to catch up with the others, the skeptic reported that he’d seen a reflection of a person in the water and assumed it was us — but upon looking up, couldn’t see us approaching from where he stood. We thought maybe it was a trick of the angle or the brush obscuring the path and tried recreating it later, but we couldn’t.

(to be continued…)

Introducing “A No Safe Haven Caper” — An Audio Preview

Welcome to the World!  Introducing our newest Haunt Spots tour, “A No Safe Haven Caper”.  All new audio stories and adventures await the final key ingredient — You.

In this newest exploration of Wisconsin’s ghosts, you will experience a haunt so deeply rooted that the spirits moved with theHaunt Spot From "A No Safe Haven Caper" buildings, trek haunted trails with their own legend trip, and investigate a tragic road to nowhere.  This tour includes one Bonus Haunt Spot — a haunted theatre.


Time of Day / Access:  All destinations are accessible during daytime hours.  The first destination must be explored by 9:00 pm, and the third and fourth by 10:00 pm.  Explorers must be able to walk uneven terrain and to cover at least 1 mile in distance. Exploring after dark will require flashlights – and a big sense of adventure.  Estimated total tour length is 3.5 to 5 hours.  We suggest that you arrive at your first Haunt Spot no later than 6:30 pm.

General Tour Area:  The tour route begins approx 15 minutes west of Milwaukee and then heads southwest down I-94.

Starting Points:  Caper Company provides directions from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, Mequon, Racine, and West Bend.  Other starting points are easily available upon request.

Special Tour Price: Only $26.00 per downloaded itinerary.  Offer expires 12/31/09.

Click the link to hear an audio snippet for the first destination on “A No Safe Haven Caper”.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Caper Company Tours LLC — What’s Your Ghost Story?

There I Was, Innocently Checking Out Our Final Haunt Spot…

Hey, I’m just beta testing here.  Now’s not the time for a paranormal experience.  Oh, yeah?

Last night, we were checking out the final destination in Caper Company’s newest tour “A No Safe Haven Caper” – scheduled to debut on Thursday.  We need to make sure that the written directions will get you where you need to go, that the Caper is all do-able, etc. Check — check — check.  Couple tweaks here and there and it’s looking good.  We’re on track to get this baby off the launching pad.  Haunt Spot From "A No Safe Haven Caper"

(actual stream of consciousness) “Oookaaay…  what’s that smell?  OMG!  It’s the smell I described in this tour at this destination.  Is it?  Yes, it is!  It’s an honest to goodness confirmation of one of the reports of paranormal activity for this Haunt Spot.  Yes!  Wait!  Augh!  Get me out of here!  Hey, does Ron smell that too?  Yes!  Wait!  He never detects anything paranormal.  Does that mean that this place is especially potent or … what?  Who cares!  Get me out of here!”

This experience reminded me of something one Caper Company fan wrote to me recently about how it doesn’t matter how many time she visits this Haunt Spot destination — something always seems to happen.  Ditto.

When you least expect it.

What’s Your Ghost Story?


Come Meet me at Three Sisters in Waukesha, WI Next Thursday

Susan Scot Fry

Susan Scot Fry

Dani Sutliff, owner of Three Sister’s Spirit in Waukesha, WI has invited me to do an Open House / Meet and Greet next Thursday, Nov. 5 from 6-7pm.

We’ll be chatting about all things paranormal including the locations that we’ve researched for Haunt Spots tours. We’ll also debut our next tour! Anyone who drops in to say Hi will get a coupon for a discount on either “A Hard Luck and Loss Caper” or the new tour, “A No Safe Haven Caper”.

If you’ve never been to Three Sisters, you’re in for a treat. It’s a lovely shop in old town Waukesha and it has a beautiful classroom space. Hope to see you there!

Three Sisters Spirit
308 W. Broadway
Waukesha, WI 53186

Haunt-i-quette 101

Our legions of Haunt Spots Explorers are growing!   Join us for some spooky fun.

A Hard Luck and Loss Caper at Night 005
A Hard Luck and Loss Caper Haunt Spot

I’ve heard people say that the veil between our corporeal world and that of the spirit is supposed to be thinnest on Saturday night.  Hmmmm.  Really?  How so?  How does this work?  I don’t know about that veil thing, but I do know that the atmosphere this weekend is going to be super-charged.   I’ve heard from a number of Explorers that  they’re hitting the Haunt Spots tour trails Friday and Saturday nights.  So, what’s the haunt-i-quette when you encounter a cadre of fellow Explorers?

Some options…

Pretend you don’t see them and treat them like ghosts.  Results could range from amusing to irritating.  More on the irritating side if you stand in front of them with a digital voice recorder and ask loudly for them to give you a sign of their presence.

Regale them with tales of your own ghostly encounters.   That’s one thing most of us have in common – personal paranormal experiences of some nature.  Ghost stories range in intensity the same way that different religions range in expression.  Are you on the gently and quietly accepting end of the spectrum or did your encounter with the spirit world leave you speaking in tongues?  Again, expect a a variety of reactions to your manner of storytelling.

Smile and wave as they follow their Caper and you follow yours.  If your paths cross closer, say Hello and share some encouragement.  You’re all following the same tour route and have the same Caper, but that’s about the extent of your similarities.  There’s an intrepid Explorers community out there and I get a huge charge hearing about your experiences – and every one is different.  Exciting stuff!

The more I think about it, the more I want to be in on this party.  I should go on the tour again on Saturday night.  Alone.  Eep!  Oh please-oh-please, don’t let it be that way for long.  Please show me a sign of your presence!  I’ll be the one dressed in the aura of a big chicken.

Happy (Bawk!)  Haunts,


This Tour is Totally Creepy at Night and… I Loved It!

Tonight’s “A Hard Luck and Loss Caper” was fun, fun, fun!  I went on my own tour with some great friends and my husband (my best boy friend) and am happy to report that a great time was had by all.

It was rainy when we started out and we made the first Haunt Spot when there was still just enough light to negotiate the terrain.  Braving the light rain only added to the ambience.  After all, none of us are made of sugar and weren’t going to melt.  A Hard Luck and Loss Caper at Night

This may be in the ‘kiss and tell’ category, but Im spilling the beans on my buddy Amanda.  She got progressively more creeped-out as the night went on.  (Yay!)  By the time we were checking out our final destination, she was ready to pack it in.  The creep-outed-ness had taken it’s toll.  She was a trouper though and tried to tough it out so that we could check out our last destination.

It’s quite a different experience when it’s men and women going together.  I’m taking a huge risk in making generalizations, but it’s late and I’m going to chuck PC out the window.  Guys on a Haunt Spots tour are generally a bit more gung-ho and will plunge in.  They remind me of Jack Skellington discovering Christmas.  Women are more into soaking up the atmosphere and seeking the feelings the location sparks.  If you can find a happy balance, then everyone has fun.

Oh, guys – if you’re looking for a date where you get to be the hero – this tour may be a distinct option.  Unless you get scared too.  In which case, you might want to bring along a date you can cling to.

Thanks, my intrepid fellow Explorers.  I’m looking forward to our next one.

Happy Haunts,


The Weather Outside is Deliciously Frightful. Who Do You Want To Take Exploring?

Milwaukee area weather is on our side.  It’s gray and drizzly now and slated to be gray and less-to-non-drizzly by Saturday late afternoon.  Sunday should be stellar.   I’ve got a good imagination, but when the atmosphere cooperates to naturally set the scene, it’s happy dance time.

Some great friends are converging this weekend and we’re going to see WHT’s production of Dracula at The Alchemist Theatre on Sunday afternoon.  Afterwards would be perfect for heading out on a Haunt Spots tour.  Head out in late afternoon… explore some Haunts while there’s still plenty of light outside…  Granted, the idea of going while it’s still light is appealing to me, especially since I’m scheduled to go out on a nighttime tour on Monday.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m going at night.  Gulp.  I’ve got 3 good friends going too, so I should be safe.  Check that – one person in the party is my husband, Ron.  Am I really going to be safe from his sense of humor?

If you went on a ghost tour, who would you most want to go with?   Conversely, who would you absolutely refuse to go with?  Why?

Happy Haunts,


Today is the Perfect Day for a Haunt Spots Research Trip – I Wish!

Gray, rainy days like today are perfect for all day Haunt Spots research trips.  Talk about atmosphere.  There are theories that moisture in the air helps heighten any energy in residence – paranormal or otherwise.  So, not only are these misty – rainy days visually stellar, but if there’s something to ‘pick up’ in an area, chances are greater of making contact.

This morning, we’re helping a buddy move some stuff into storage.  This afternoon, I’m editing.  My 2nd floor office window looks out onto the street and at the trees almost completely turned, though.  The scene alternates between inspirational and distracting.  I’d rather be out tromping through woods and around abandoned buildings – hopping in and out of the car and trying to keep my hands warm while I take pictures and record observations on our damp checklist.

Life is good.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry