Inspiration Comes From the Oddest Places

I love “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.  There, I’ve said it.

They don’t try to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.  They are just well trained storytellers telling their ghost stories.

I’m in heaven!

Okay, okay — the subtitle could more accurately be “Hollywood Sees Dead People” (which I totally ripped off from Saturday Night Live – and which you can see here on hulu.)  but hey, what a perfect sentiment.

You may note that the logo doesn’t show the face of an actual celebrity, but then the show doesn’t either.  It’s not as bad as “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” (who are you again…?), but for all of us character actor fans, this is like old home week.

The show schedule is just as oddball as some of their choices (Did anyone else see Tom Arnold?  Was he or wasn’t he completely stoned?) and I’d try to help you catch an episode to check out yourself, but they (Biography channel) don’t make it easy.  I’m sorry, but I’m not up at 3am on Monday, January 25th.  Well, I might be, but I’ll be cursing and bemoaning my insomnia, not watching celebrities curse and bemoan their bewildering paranormal experiences.  Of course, this next episode features Barry Williams, Debi Mazar, Greg Grunberg and Sammy Hagar, so I might tune in.  Or I might watch it online.  After all, are any of us surprised that Sammy Hagar sees ghosts?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

New Paranormal Reality Show on… Animal Planet (?!)

Uh huh.  It’s official.  Everybody and his hairy cousin is jumping on the paranormal tv bandwagon.

The latest entry is “The Haunted” on Animal Planet.  Yes, Animal Planet.  It’s about spirit dogs, ghost cats and spectral lemurs (okay, I made that one up) and the places they haunt.  In the style vein of Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting”, this new show seems nicely done.  It’s about quality storytelling, and I hand it to Animal Planet here. The storytelling is good.

Live pets are also heavily featured as “The Haunted” explores the theory that animals are sensitive to paranormal activity. From their “About” page…

“Animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive than humans. According to psychics, they are capable of sensing spirits that cannot be seen or heard by even the sharpest minds. THE HAUNTED chronicles true, chilling and terrifying stories of animals and their owners who are experiencing the unexplainable.”

Check it out for yourself at If you watch their video clips, you have to get past their sponsor ads. But if you’re used to hulu, it’s not so bad. They’re short.

Their next episode is on December 6th at 9pm CST. Add this to the line-up and I’m never going to get out of the house. Bliss.

Happy, Hissy, Haunts,


ps. All opinions here are mine. If I could get a sponsorship from Animal Planet to flog their show, you’d hear me shouting joy from the rooftops. 😉

But, hey – I will happily mention in this post!