I Love Ghost Hunters. Again.

It’s Wednesday!  I love Wednesdays!  I used to anyway — before I OD’d on Ghost Hunters.

I used to even have an “It’s We-e-ee-ea-nd-nes-daaay!” song that’s I’d sing when I woke up in the morning.  Such glee.  There were going to be at least 4 hours of my favorite show on tv that night.  Sad, but true.  The Wednesday song was for a tv show.  In my defense, I rarely actually watched any of it besides the new episode, but it was the perfect background noise for working on Caper Company.

I hardly ever inhaled.

Too much of a good thing?

A couple of nights ago, I was flipping and discovered that the National Geographic channel has jumped on the paranormal reality show band wagon.  Just like it’s nearly unheard of to run across a theatre without a ghost, there are fewer tv stations out there who do not have some sort of paranormal investigation show.

Am I headed for burn out?  Are we all?

We don’t have to be.  It’s not inevitable.

Any immersive hobby can rapidly evolve from interest to obsession to lifestyle choice.  It’s delicious to be enthralled with scratching that itch.  It’s like falling in love.  Once the flush has worn off, it’s important to understand that that’s what it was.  Falling in love.

I’ve turned a corner and I like Wednesdays again.  Maybe because I’ve got tiny, wobbly legs on Caper Company and have moved past the honeymoon stage.  I don’t have to quit.  I can still love it.  In doses and with loving perspective.

What’s your obsession?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Inspiration Comes From the Oddest Places

I love “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.  There, I’ve said it.

They don’t try to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.  They are just well trained storytellers telling their ghost stories.

I’m in heaven!

Okay, okay — the subtitle could more accurately be “Hollywood Sees Dead People” (which I totally ripped off from Saturday Night Live – and which you can see here on hulu.)  but hey, what a perfect sentiment.

You may note that the logo doesn’t show the face of an actual celebrity, but then the show doesn’t either.  It’s not as bad as “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” (who are you again…?), but for all of us character actor fans, this is like old home week.

The show schedule is just as oddball as some of their choices (Did anyone else see Tom Arnold?  Was he or wasn’t he completely stoned?) and I’d try to help you catch an episode to check out yourself, but they (Biography channel) don’t make it easy.  I’m sorry, but I’m not up at 3am on Monday, January 25th.  Well, I might be, but I’ll be cursing and bemoaning my insomnia, not watching celebrities curse and bemoan their bewildering paranormal experiences.  Of course, this next episode features Barry Williams, Debi Mazar, Greg Grunberg and Sammy Hagar, so I might tune in.  Or I might watch it online.  After all, are any of us surprised that Sammy Hagar sees ghosts?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Psychic Kids – Paranormal Children

I’m watching it Right Now. Brought to you by the demon-chasing folks (or is it just my impression?) at A&E’s hit series “Paranormal State”.

Check it out at http://www.aetv.com/psychic-kids/

The jury is out.

What do you think?

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry