KrampusI miss Krampus. Oh, and Sinterklaas.  But mostly Krampus.

December of 2008 was the inaugural Krampuslaufe for Fry and Co in Milwaukee, WI.  No-one knew quite what to expect, but man it turned out to be a wild and fantastic party.  Blahblahblah has conspired to keep us from expanding on that with a much anticipated 2009 version.  Sigh.  I’m wistfully missing getting bundled up and tromping the snowy and frigid blocks around our house dragging tin cans and threatening to beat naughty children and stuff them in a sack with about 70 of our closest friends.  Good times.

As Scarlet O’Hara is my witness, we will Krampus in 2010.

In the meantime my friends, enjoy this fun video of the Tiefrunnauer Krampusse.  My favorite incarnation is 2007.  We weren’t quite this far along in our costume designs in our Milwaukee Krampusse, but visions of horns and fur were dancing in my head.

Here’s to 2010.  Let’s pick a date now!

Happy Zwarte Piet,