71 Great Wisconsin Haunts

I give in!  They’re all yours!  I can’t hold back these great haunt spots any longer. You want ghost stories, you’ve got ghost stories. You want to explore these places yourself – go for it!  We’ve done the work, it’s time to share.

All you have to do is google “haunted Wisconsin” and you’ll find the same lists that got me kick started.  Since then, I’ve researched, interviewed, snooped and poked up more haunts.  Huge kudos and creds to the devotees who compiled these lists, but I can’t tell you the thrill that I get when I find a ghost story that isn’t already on one of them.   It’s like striking gold.

Researching Haunt Spots is exhilarating, exhausting, frightening and fascinating.  On these all-day scouting trips, we’ve managed to visit over 150 places in Wisconsin that are reported to be haunted.  That’s a lot of ghost stories.

So, I dig into how to actually find these places and we go and check them out.  They are rarely easy to find.  After all that work, though, some are duds.  You can’t get anywhere near the place – or once you get there, there’s nothing much to see.  Or it’s private property.  Or the business owner doesn’t want you anywhere near.  Combine that with a thin or frankly boring ghost story and we can call that nixed.

But some – oh, some are mind-blowing.  ‘Hard to find’ becomes a quest.  The story is alluring.  The place is atmospheric and accessible.  Bonus if my research partner captures an EVP or an odd image in a photo.  I jump for joy when the batteries in my camera die.  So far, I’ve collected 71 Haunt Spots.

After we have these experiences, I string 4 of them together into a tour route.  A road trip.  A Caper.  You would think with 71 keepers that that would be easy to do.  Well, it’s do-able, but in the meantime, you are missing my very favorite cemetery in all of Wisconsin.

Huh?  That’s an injustice.  Just because it’s too far off the beaten path to hook into a route?  Well, no more!

Here’s the deal – Instead of only offering all-day, multi-haunt tour routes, I’m going to start offering single destinations.  That’s right.  I can finally get you out to my favorite cemetery in all of Wisconsin!  Just because I haven’t been able to tie it into a longer route yet is no longer an excuse for withholding the creepiness.

I’ll still have full routes coming out, but in the meantime – Have At!  Create your own route.  Grab a buddy or two at the last minute and instead of a movie, pop in the audio story for a real Wisconsin paranormal adventure, follow my turn-by-turn directions and go have some fun.

I’ve got 4 single destinations ready to go and can have 4 more with another days’ work.  I’ve got another full Caper coming out in the next couple of weeks and can add 4 more single destinations at the same time.  Then, I guestimate that I can start giving you new destinations every 2 weeks or so.  That’s the audio story and tour itinerary with all the insider stuff – everything.

Meeting with my great web-guy this afternoon.  He’ll figure out for me how to put the single destinations up on the website.  Can’t be too hard.

This is so exciting!  Finally, I get to share all these great paranormal adventures with everyone.  Why didn’t I think of this before?

(insert forehead slapping sound…)

Happy Haunts,


New Tour Survey – I’m Trying to Figure Out Which Way to Go

It’s spring and our thoughts turn fondly to getting out of the house and doing some paranormal road tripping. Mine do, anyway.

I’ve got a new Haunt Spots tour for Ozaukee County almost ready to go and I’ve hit a road block. I was wondering if I could ask your no-commitment-opinion.

Here goes…

The first Haunt Spot is too good to pass up, but the days and hours where you can explore inside are limited. Would you most likely…

A) Go ahead and do the whole tour even though it would have to be done during the day on a Saturday or Sunday?

B) Go ahead and explore the first Haunt Spot on a Saturday or Sunday, kill some time until it was later in the evening and then do the rest of the tour? Especially if I could recommend some good places to poke around in? This option could tack up to another couple hours onto your day out.

C) Do the first stop the day you can get inside and then go back out at another day or time (a weekday or evening) to explore the rest of the Haunts?

D) Variations on any of the above.

It all comes down to your combination of preferences. Days. Nights. One trip. Two trips. Weekends or Weekdays.

What would you choose?

Please drop me a line at susanscotfry@capercompany.com


Happy Haunts,


We may have an indoor haunt for an upcoming tour!

Yup!  A gen-u-wine “open the door, walk on in and chit-chat with the bartender about the odd and unexplainable happenings that they’ve been experiencing over the years” Haunt Spot.

I had a great conversation with Mike today.  Not only is the building extremely old and has a rich, rich history, but there are a plethora of things that go bump in residence.  He’d be most happy for Caper Company Explorers to drop in any time.

I’m going to go check it out in person on Saturday.  Fingers are crossed.

Happy Haunts,

Susan Scot Fry

Exercise the Spirits of 2009

No, I”m not missing the “O”.  I mean exercise.  Time to get you and your extended family of ghosts off your backs and butts and let in some fresh air.

2009 is on the way out.  2010 — which all signs point to being radically better than it’s former incarnation — is on the way in.  Let’s oxygenate it.

How do you exercise your spirits?  Certainly, there are as many ways as there are opinions about the paranormal.  The infamous ‘brown lady’ in the picture obviously prefers stair work.   Here’s some other ideas…

Ghosts in the (Heavy Equipment) Machines…

There seems to be evidence that at least one ghost digs heavy equipment work-outs.  Take this story of one Missouri fitness-freak-phantom, preferring hefty gym equipment late at night.  Thanks to a motion censor in the gym and both CNN and CBS’s need for filler news, this muscle bound spectre may have been caught working out.  Click here for the link to the CNN news story — or here for the shorter CBS story.

The Haunted Backyard Gym…

Another man seems to be having the same problem with his home backyard gym and frankly, it’s left him baffled.  Seems pretty obvious to me.  There’s a ghost in residence who digs working out.  Of course, the spirit might be himself…. but you decide.  Here‘s a link to his video account.

And I Thought it Was the Cat Moving Around my Weights…

Last but not least, for definitive proof that ghosts are into pumping iron, we can thank YouTube for being the conduit of truth.  Click here for the expose.

Stairs, gym memberships, home weights — something for everyone.  Considering that some people don’t even let death stop them, I’m feeling a bit lazy in comparison.  Does poking around Haunt Spots count as exercise?  It can have a quite a cardio impact.

Here’s to a spirited 2010.

Happy Haunts,


Thank You, Haunt Jaunts!!!

Thanks so much for naming me and the Haunts Blog “Best Guest Blogger of 2009”!

So veeeerrrrry cool!

Check out all the awards at HauntJaunts.


Super Light for Spectral Detection

Confession — it’s all about the day.  Sunny day, everything is sharp.  Cloudy day, everything is movie-set atmospheric.  Either way, we win.

Another confession — It was this time of year when I got hooked on researching Wisconsin haunts.  Night time chill didn’t matter because we went out during the day.  The natural atmosphere of some of the places we explored was ramped up to the nth degree when combined with the look of bare trees or the dusky cloud cover.  Those impressions are such a part of my memory that when I re-visit a Haunt Spot later, I’m often surprised at the difference.  If a place has got it, it’s got it — but this time of year is special.

Be Brave and Happy Haunts,